Saltfork Craftsman Regional Meeting Hosting Form
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Region:   ___SE   ___NE   ___SC   ___NW

Date of meeting you want to host:   Month___________   day______
[check calendar & input correct Saturday for region selected above]

Name: _______________________________________

Address: ______________________________________

Phone #: _____________________________________

Email address: ___________________________________

Trade item: _____________________________________

Lunch provided?   __yes   __no

Please send directions and or map to the meeting location along with this form.

**All meetings are scheduled on a first come basis. Completely filled out form MUST be
received by editor no later than the 23rd of the month TWO months PRIOR to the meeting
month. Information on forms received after that have no guarantee of getting in newsletter
but will be sent out by email to everyone with a current email address on file.
Russell Bartling, 70 160th West Ave, Sand Springs, OK 74063
918-633-0234 -