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Saltfork Craftsmen Floor Cone Mandrels
Saltfork Floor Cone Mandrels

The finish on the cones will be as they were delivered from the foundry. In order to keep the cost down we intentionally asked the foundry to not deliver the cones with a high degree of finish grinding. We did this to save on cost and also to prevent "over grinding" of the delivered product.

We feel that most smiths would be willing to spend a little time with an angle grinder and flap disc to save considerably on the delivery costs.

Saltfork Craftsmen Artist Blacksmith Association

$200 plus shipping

Floor cones are 36" high and taper from 1 " down to 10" at the floor. There is a 12" flange around the bottom and the cones have two tong grooves

Poured from high quality ASTM A536 65-45-12 Ductile Iron. The picture shows two ports near the top that are actually tooling ports for foundry use but they also come in handy for bending oddly shaped pieces. Insert a bar in these ports to keep the cone from rolling around during transport.

Cones are available for pickup at the shops of Byron Doner, Bill Kendall and Gerald Franklin. They will also be available for sale and pickup at our yearly conference.

If you want them shipped, we can do that but before you ask, please check the rough estimated shipping costs listed below.

If, after viewing the estimated costs, you want us to ship a cone to you, contact our shipper:

Nature Farms Farrier Supply
3541 National Drive
Norman, OK 73069

Estimated Cone Shipping Costs Late 2016-Early 2017
Kansas - Kansas City $88, Edwardsville $78
Texas (north)- $88
New York (Buffalo) $120
Michigan- $115
South Carolina- $107
Alabama- $114
Florida- $120
Montana- (Billings) $107
Idaho- (Idaho Falls) $107
North Dakota- $114
Oregon- $142
New Mexico- $94
Georgia (Atlanta)- $107
Virginia- $127
Arizona- $114
Please note that the above costs are ESTIMATES only and you should not send money based on them.
Should you want a firm quote contact Nature Farms Farrier Supply.

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