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Saltfork Craftsmen Online Trading Place

Saltfork Craftsmen Club Sale Items
Cone Mandrels
Saltfork Craftsmen ABA Swage Blocks
Cone Mandrels Saltfork Craftsmen ABA Swage Blocks Saltfork Craftsmen ABA Swage Blocks Saltfork Craftsmen Club Coal
Cone Mandrels
Saltfork Craftsmen ABA Swage Blocks
Please click on the pictures above for information on Swage Blocks and Cone Mandrels

Mugs, License plates, Caps
Show your pride in SCABA! License plates: $5; Mugs with two images on them: $9;
Caps: $10. Contact Dan Cowart, 918-440-0653

Saltfork Craftsmen Club Coal

The coal is $140.00/ton ($.07/pound) to Saltfork Members. NO COAL SALES TO NON-MEMBERS.

NW Region coal pile is located in Douglas, OK. If you make arrangements well in advance, Tom Nelson can load your truck or trailer with his skid steer loader for a fee of $10 to be paid directly to Tom. Tom has moved his skid steer and must now haul the loader to the coal pile to load you out, hence the $10 charge. You may opt to load your own coal without using Tom's loader. The coal can be weighed out at the Douglas Coop Elevator scales. Contact Tom Nelson (580-862-7691) to make arrangements to pick up a load. Do not call Tom after 9 PM!! Bring your own containers and shovels. Payment for the coal ($.07 per pound) should be made directly to the Saltfork Treasurer.

Until further notice, there will not be a skid loader to assist in loading the coal.
You will have to bring shovels to use to load your coal.

NE Region coal location: Charlie McGee's place near Skiatook, OK, also has coal to sell. He can be contacted via text: Cell: 918-639-8779 or phone call either to the cell phone number or home phone number: 918-245-7279 (No calls after 9:00 pm).

Lazy Ass Forge Sketchbooks For Sale

Many of you have enjoyed the sketchbook drawings that I place in the newsletter from time to time. I have decided to offer a collection of drawing in a binder. Each binder will contain 10 drawings. Most of the drawing have been featured in the Saltfork Craftsman newsletter and have been re-printed in newsletters of other ABANA affiliate groups. Now you can have the drawings in convenient books.


Contact Diana Davis   580-549-6824 or e-mail

for more information or to order books


Advertising coal hammers. Contact Mike George, Alva OK 580-327-5235,

For Sale!!

3/4" round bar of 5160 ($3.30 per foot plus shipping)

3/4" and 1" round bar of 52100 ($6.00 and $9.45 per foot plus shipping)

Ray Kirk, 918-456-1519,

Ray Clontz Tire Hammer Plans by Clay Spencer

These plans are for a 50 lb. power hammer that uses the rear axle and hub from a front drive car and emergency spare tire and weighs about 700 lbs. It is powered by a 1 hp, 1750 rpm electric motor, 120 or 240 volts, runs about 240 blows per minute and uses a spring toggle mechanism similar to Little Giant hammers. The anvil is 6" solid round (minimum size) by 36" high and the frame is 5" square tubing. The plans are 40 pages, printed front and back on 20 sheets that include parts list, detail and assembly drawings, sources, notes, installation, adjustments and maintenance. Nearly 400 hammers have been built in workshops. Price is $30US including postage to US and Canada, Send check or money order to Clay Spencer, 73 Penniston Pvt. Drive, Somerville, AL 35670. E-mail: for info or call my cell 256-558-3658. Or send Paypal for $30 to ( is my Paypal address but does not work for e-mail.)

For Sale - Little Giant Hammers

Due to health problems, I have decided not to rebuild any more Little Giant hammers. I have for sale: one decent used 100# hammer ($3,500), one completely rebuilt 50# hammer ($4,500), one good condition used 50# hammer ($3,500). One early style rebuildable 50# hammer ($1,750), and one transition style rebuildable 50# hammer ($2,250).  I also have miscellaneous parts, dies, babbit mandrels, and etc. for sale.

Mike George, 12274th St., Alva, OK 73717. Shop 580-327-5235, Cell 580-829-1968,

"Pitch It To You" Chasing & Repousse Pitch
(A Division of A Copper Rose Metal Art)

This is a good all around medium grade/hardness chasing and repousse pitch. Good adhesion, soft enough for repousse, firm enough for chasing work. It is pine rosin based with no petroleum or animal products used in the making.

Quantity and SALT FORK CRAFTSMEN membership discounts offered as well as shipping discount. Use the code SALTFORK30 to receive $0.30 per pound discount in addition to quantity discounts already in place. Sold in 1 pound increments, minimum 2 pound order. Base price is $9.00/lb plus shipping (California State Tax applies to Cali. residents)

Coal for sale: About 300 pounds of coal in a 55 gal drum. $25, located in Yale, OK.
Contact Mary Crenshaw at 918-387-2851.

FOR SALE: classic forging table
Price: $700.; Address: 7417 E. 86TH ST., Stillwater, OK 74074;
phone: 918-372-4442 ranch, 405-334-9696 cell; 405-762-1279 cell; 918-372-4538 FAX.

Please e-mail for more information and photos.

Blacksmiths & forger's one-of-a-kind, handmade, old school,forging table - 38.5" wide, 30" tall cultivator wheel filled with
fireproof concrete with bellows pit set in center. 2" pipe legs and angle. Iron frame. stout!

Forging Table Forging Table

FOR SALE: Blacksmith Forge
Forge approximately 43 in. long, 30 in. at widest point and 32 in. tall. Appears to be in good condition, blower rotates easily (even the original canvas belt is present, probably not usable but cool), forge surface is not burned or damaged and the triangular block that knocks the clinkers from the blower hole rotates easily. Please contact Bernie Baldwin for additional information or 918-914-2475. Forge is located near Bartlesville, OK and the price is $650.

Forge ForgeForge
FOR SALE: Anyang 88, 2012 model
Anyang 88, 2012 model for sale. Great shape used very little. Bought for a large staircase job but I am slowing down and rarely start it up.
$7200 firm, cash only.

Extra $500 gets the Schneider VFD (Variable Frequency Drive) and electrical disconnect. The VFD allows control of all aspects of motor performance including start time and amp draw at start, stop time and running speed, etc. plus much more. (Your power company will like the VFD!)

Flat dies. Hammer is VERY easy to control. Work big bar or small stock with ease. Accommodates large variety of custom tooling.
Comes with Anyang foundation.

I'll load on your truck. See or test drive at my shop in Paris Tx.

James Allcorn
No calls after 8 pm please.
Call for appointment

As a service to our members, we'll post both 'For-Sale' and 'Want-to-Buy' notices here. To post a listing, e-mail your information to the Saltfork Craftsmen webmaster. Your listing will be posted in a timely manner. Both Members and Non-Members can list items on this page. SCABA reserves the right to decline any item deemed offensive or not consistent with the purpose of Saltfork Craftsman. If you are not sure, ask the webmaster.

Be sure to include the following information:

  1. Detailed information of what you have for sale or want to buy.

  2. Contact information (name, phone number, e-mail)

  3. Pictures (best in jpg format and reduced to no more than 500 pixels wide or deep)
 We would also appreciate a 'stop-the-ad-message' when the material has sold.

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